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We have a diverse selection Birch Branches, ranging in size from 3-4 feet up to 14-16 feet. We have styles of Birch Branches for every use and season. For winter, you might choose the White Sparkle Birch Branches, the White Birch Branches or the Iced Birch Branches. The Paper Birch Poles are another style perfect for winter, but popular year-round. For spring and summer, the Mosscoat Birch Branches and the Coastal Moss Birch Branches, which are birch branches coated with real moss, would work great. For fall, the Bittersweet Birch Branches are a great choice, and a good alternative to decorating with real bittersweet, which is invasive.

The Paper Birch Poles, Birch Trees and Birch Forks all make dramatic accents, and are perfect for floor displays, or other applications such as chuppas and wedding canopies. These Birch Poles are what are also commonly referred to as White Birch Poles.

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birch branches, birch forks Paper Birch Poles Red Birch Branches
Birch Forks, 5' up to 8'
Price: $140.00

Birch Poles, 6-8' tall 1.5-3" diameter
Price: $150.00 (Shipping Included)

Birch Branches - Red
Price: $12.90

Natural Birch Branches White Sparkle Birch Branches White Birch Branches
Birch Branches - White
Price: $12.90

Iced Birch Branches Birch Branches - Bittersweet Birch Branches - Mosscoat
Birch Branches - Iced
Price: $17.50

Birch Branches - Mosscoat
Price: $12.90