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Seasonal branches such as Fresh Curly Willow Branches, Dogwood Branches, Fantail Willow Branches and Pussy Willow Branches are only available during the colder months. The first seasonal branches that are available are Fresh Curly Willow Branches and Dogwood Branches.

Fresh Curly Willow Branches are the most twisted and contorted branches available, and when fresh and pliable, are very easy to work with. They dry beautifully and will last for years, but once dry they are impossible to work with as the intertwined branches become very fragile.

Dogwood Branches have vibrant color and work wonderfully outside for wintertime interest in container gardens and urns. If used inside, they'll dry very nicely. The color of the Yellow Dogwood and the Cardinal Dogwood will darken a little bit, while the Red Dogwood will transition to a very deep burgundy. Dogwood Branches sell out very fast, however, so we usually only have them for a brief period.

Dogwood Branches and Fresh Curly Willow Branches work great outdoors to add color and interest to dormant container gardens and garden beds.

Pussy Willow Branches are a very popular seasonal branch, and are available fresh from January into March. While Pussy Willows dry very nicely indoors so they can be displayed year-round, the catkins become too fragile to allow Pussy Willow Branches to be shipped when dry.
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Pussy Willow Branches Curly Willow Branches - Red - Bulk - Fresh Curly Willow Branches - Green - Bulk - Fresh
Pussy Willow Branches, 3-4'
Price: $12.50
Sale Price: $10.50
Savings: $2.00

Fresh Curly Willow Branches - 3-4'
Price: $97.50 (Shipping Included)

3-4' Fresh Green Curly Willow, 100 Branches
Price: $97.50 (Shipping Included)

Yellow Dogwood Branches Red Dogwood Branches Cardinal Dogwood Branches
Dogwood Branches, 100 Stems, Yellow
Price: $97.50 (Shipping Included)

Dogwood Branches, 100 Stems, Red
Price: $97.50 (Shipping Included)
Dogwood Branches, 100 Stems, Cardinal
Price: $97.50 (Shipping Included)

Prairie Willow Branches Fantail Willow Branches Giant Pussy Willow Branches Bulk
100 Fantail Willow Branches, 2-3'
Price: $125.00 (Shipping Included)

Pussy Willows, Bulk
Price: $125.00

Red Dogwood Branches Winterberry Branches, 24-30"
Dogwood Branches, 100 Stems, Red, 3.5-5'
Price: $125.00 (Shipping Included)
Winterberry Branches, 24-30", 10 Bundles
Price: $175.00 (Shipping Included)