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We have a broad selection of dried flowers in different colors and forms for you to choose from. For a classic look and a bit of fragrance, the dried lavender is a very popular choice of dried flower. We have two types available - French Dried Lavender and English Dried Lavender. The French Dried Lavender has a piney fragrance, thick, stiff stems and more of a grayish color. The English Dried Lavender has more of a fruity fragrance, thinner stems and a brighter blue color. Other dried flowers that are good for a classic look are the Margarita Flowers, Star Flowers, and Caspia.

For more modern look in dried flowers, the Proteas, Banksias, and the Craspedia are all excellent choices. The Proteas and Banksias are both native to southern Africa and have an exotic look for a dried flower. The Craspedia, also known as Billy Balls or Billy Buttons, have a popular whimsical look, with a bright yellow sphere of a dried flower atop a stiff stem. The dried Craspedia flowers hold their color very well, even in bright sunlight.

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Protea Repens Japanese Lanterns - Physalis Giant Thistle
Protea Repens - Red
Price: $14.50
Sale Price: $11.50
Savings: $3.00

Globe Thistle - Green
Price: $18.50

Giant Thistle Giant Thistle Giant Thistle
Globe Thistle - Gold
Price: $18.50

Globe Thistle - Red
Price: $18.50
Giant Thistle Giant Thistle English Dried Lavender
Globe Thistle - Burgundy
Price: $18.50

Preserved Heather
Cotton Branches - Dixie
Price: $10.50

Statice Sinuata - Purple
Price: $12.50

French Dried Lavender Red Hanging Amaranthus Green Hanging Amaranthus
French Dried Lavender
Price: $10.50